What to do when a dog has heat stroke?

While dogs and people enjoy being outdoors in the summer, owners beware: puppies can die without emergency medical attention if they get heatstroke. Heatstroke can kill a dog within 15 minutes when its body cannot keep its temperature within a safe range. Puppies cannot cool down by sweating. Panting allows the dog to quickly exchange with cold air, evaporating heat from the tongue and keeping the dog’s body temperature normal. Puppies with white or thin coats can also get sunburned. Heat stroke occurs when the outside air temperature is equal to or greater than the pet’s body temperature. So, What to do when a dog has heat stroke? has a nosebleed in the hot season? Let’s find out by reading the article below.

What to do when a dog has heat stroke
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Symptoms of heatstroke in dogs

Before knowing what to do when a dog has a heat stroke with a nosebleed in the hot season, in the following article, we will help you understand what heatstroke symptoms in dogs are.

Panting and drooling profusely

Extreme heat causes the dog’s blood vessels to dilate to extremes, causing blood pressure to drop rapidly. So its panting frequency is obviously a lot faster than usual. If your dog is breathing quickly, has a fast heart rate, and is drooling heavily and viscously, it’s a sign that his body is overheating.

The body temperature is obviously too high.

Dogs with a body temperature of 39 degrees have suffered from heatstroke; once it exceeds 42 degrees, they will be at risk of death. The dog’s body temperature exceeds 39 degrees, and even without a thermometer, you can feel its high temperature by touching it with your hand.

To get the exact temperature of your dog, you can use a thermometer to take the temperature from your dog’s rectum.

What to do when a dog has heat stroke
What to do when a dog has heat stroke _ IMAGE FROM INTERNET

Loss of appetite, even frequent vomiting

Just like in humans, extreme heat can also affect appetite. If a dog suffers from heatstroke, its internal organs will also be damaged, affecting its appetite. Dogs with severe heatstroke may even vomit frequently and may also have diarrhea and blood in the stool.

There is no vitality or reaction.

Because of the hot weather, people are still afraid to exercise, let alone dogs, so dogs are often overlooked by people when they have no energy because of heatstroke or even have a reduced ability to react.

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So when you call your dog and he doesn’t answer for a long time, gets up and falls down, or even lies on the ground and gasps, you should pay attention.

Blood spots on the skin.

If there are purple spots on the dog’s ears or belly, it means that the dog has suffered from severe heatstroke. There is an urgent need to go to the hospital for medical treatment.

What should you do if your dog has heat stroke?

What should you do when a dog has a nosebleed from heat stroke during the hot season? Let’s find out using the following methods:

What to do when a dog has heat stroke
What to do when a dog has heat stroke _ IMAGE FROM INTERNET

Mild heatstroke:

Immediately move the dog to a cool place, give him plenty of water (not ice) several times, and then use water to reduce the temperature of the dog’s neck, armpits, and thighs. Wait for the dog’s breathing to stabilize and the temperature to drop almost completely before taking the dog for a health check.

Heavy weight:

If the heat stroke is so severe that the dog loses consciousness, immediately wet the dog’s body with water, use an ice towel to cool the dog’s neck, armpit, and thigh base, and then take him to the hospital immediately. Do not force an unconscious dog to drink, as he may choke.

What to do when a dog has heat stroke?

What to do when a dog has heat stroke
What to do when a dog has heat stroke _ IMAGE FROM INTERNET
  1. Do not let the dog stay in the sun for a long time; do not take the dog out to play at noon or in the sun. And its crib should not be placed on the balcony, exposed to the sun.
  2. Take the dog out by car; do not leave the dog alone in the car; do not leave the dog alone in an enclosed space.
  3. Make sure your dog drinks enough water.
  4. When the weather is hot, try to take the dog outside to play after sunset. When playing with the dog at home, keep the indoor temperature appropriate. When playing with dogs, you can prepare some dog snacks and the like.
  5. Take proper care of your dog’s coat. In the hot summer, the especially long and thick coat needs to be cut short but not shaved. Pet caretakers remind you: never shave the dog’s hair because the skin is exposed to the sun. The sun will cause the dog’s skin to burn, leading to hair loss, skin diseases, and even skin cancer.
  6. During dog days, keep the dog in the coolest place possible; if the weather is too hot, keep the dog in an air-conditioned or well-ventilated house. If not, make sure it’s outdoors in a ventilated and shady area.
  7. Bring enough drinking water to walk the dog. When walking your dog in the hot summer, you need to give your dog enough water to drink. If he is panting or seems to be moving slowly, be sure to stop the walk, find a shady area to rest, and provide water.
  8.  Avoid walking your dog during the hottest part of the afternoon. It is best to walk the dog in the morning and evening. If the weather is particularly hot, it’s best to give up walking your dog. Avoid letting your dog’s paws walk on concrete and asphalt. Sidewalks can be very hot in the summer, and walking on the sidewalk can burn your dog’s paw. Try to keep Your palm is flat on the ground for 5 seconds; if you can’t hold it, don’t let the dog walk on it.

Allowing dogs to swim in hot weather can help them avoid heatstroke, but you must supervise the dog at all times. Do not let the dog swim in deep water, especially the swimming pool, if the dog is not healthy. It was very difficult for him to get out safely.


The above article has helped people know what to do when a dog has heat stroke, nosebleeds in the hot season, and tips to help prevent dogs from having heat stroke. This helps your dog to ensure the best safety.

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