What is the right way to supplement calcium for dog?

Calcium is a very important substance for both humans and dogs; a deficiency will cause serious health hazards. For dogs, the methods of calcium supplementation at different ages are different. Let us look at how calcium supplementation for dogs is done correctly. Likewise, a few points to consider.

The importance of calcium

Before learning how to supplement calcium for dogs, below we will help you understand the importance of calcium.

As we all know, calcium is the main component of bones and teeth; in addition, calcium also plays an important role in blood clotting, muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission, and hormone secretion.

What is the right way to supplement calcium for dog
What is the right way to supplement calcium for dog – Image From Internet

Bones, dairy products, and legumes are high in calcium, while most grains, meats, and offal are low in calcium.

If the daily calcium supply is not enough, the body will use calcium in bones and teeth to maintain physiological functions. It is not a good way to solve the problem because, after a long time, the body will naturally give out warning signals, such as a deformed joint that is easy to fracture.

What are the dangers of calcium deficiency in dogs?

Puppies lack calcium.

For puppies, calcium deficiency will seriously affect their development and can even cause dogs to have deformed joints. If it is not detected in time, it can cause permanent damage and affect the dog’s walking.

Calcium deficiency in dogs from 4 to 6 months old

During this time, the dog’s baby teeth begin to fall out and the permanent teeth begin to grow. We know that the main component of teeth is calcium; if the dog lacks calcium, the baby teeth will not fall out and the permanent teeth will grow slowly and weakly.

These dogs can also develop dental problems as adults, causing bad breath. Dental problems: in addition to calcium supplements, we also need to pay attention to the dog’s oral hygiene. For oral hygiene, in addition to brushing the dog’s teeth, you can also spray some mouth sprays daily to help reduce bad breath.

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Calcium deficiency in adult dogs

In general, if it is a normal dog, it can get enough calcium from dog food without additional supplementation. But if you are a female or male dog who is pregnant and lactating, you need more calcium. Because male dogs during mating consume a lot of calcium, puppies in female dogs also need a lot of calcium, so it needs to be supplemented in time; otherwise, it is very easy to suffer from osteoporosis symptoms.

What is the right way to supplement calcium for dog
What is the right way to supplement calcium for dog – Image From Internet

Old dogs lack calcium.

Due to the degeneration of various body functions, the old dog’s ability to absorb calcium will also decrease. Calcium deficiency can cause osteoporosis in older dogs and increase fracture rates.

What is the right supplement calcium for dogs? Which dogs need calcium supplements?

Puppies under 6 months old

Puppies under 6 months old can be supplemented with calcium at appropriate levels because, at this time, the dog’s growth rate is very fast, the demand for calcium is also very large, baby teeth begin to fall, and permanent teeth begin to grow. If the dog lacks calcium, it is easy to get disc disease, double teeth, or unevenly erupting permanent teeth.

After giving birth to a pregnant mother dog or a bitch

Pregnant mother dogs or bitches after giving birth need calcium supplements because milk and puppies will cause the body to lose a large amount of calcium, and nursing a bitch after birth will cause acute calcium deficiency after birth. due to low blood calcium levels. Body temperature can rise above 40 degrees Celsius, causing coma and death.

The loss of semen produced by dogs

The loss of semen produced by the dog will also cause a large amount of calcium to flow out of the body; if it is not replenished in time, it will most likely use calcium in the body’s calcium pool, which will cause osteoporosis! And dogs that are in the headshot phase also need an appropriate amount of calcium!

When we raise dogs every day, we must achieve a balanced diet, regular sun exposure and outdoor exercise that are beneficial to the absorption and use of calcium. In general, dogs do not need additional calcium when they are fed a nutritionally complete dog food from adulthood to old age because the growth and development of their bones and other organs Dogs almost stop during this period, and the growth and development of calcium. relatively small demand. Unless the dog exhibits clear signs of calcium deficiency!

What is the right way to supplement calcium for dog
What is the right way to supplement calcium for dog – Image From Internet

When should calcium supplements be taken?

What is the right way to supplement calcium for dogs? “Calcium is so important, why not add more lest it be lacking?” This is simplistic thinking.

The calcium and phosphorus content in regular dog food is sufficient for most dogs; if the quality of the food is not a problem, no additional calcium is needed. However, a small number of dogs may need calcium supplements for a variety of reasons.
primary care object.

Puppies are growing.

Calcium is necessary for the development of bones; medium- and fast-growing dogs should pay special attention. Calcium supplements should be started at 4-5 months of age because there are already mother milk.

Pregnant/lactating dogs

When your dog has a baby, their calcium needs are greater than usual. When breastfeeding after birth, little ones lose a lot of calcium, and many parents know that postpartum seizures are caused by hypocalcemia after birth. Appropriate calcium supplements can be given 10 days after birth; if the situation is serious, you should go to the veterinary hospital to supplement calcium intravenously.

You can read more: Signs of a dog calcium deficiency.

Old dog

When we get older, we lose calcium quickly, making us prone to osteoporosis.

In fact, there are adult dog foods on the market, pregnant or lactating dog foods, old dog foods, etc. If you choose the right foods, you don’t really need to supplement. add calcium.

What should I pay attention to when supplementing with calcium for dogs?

What is the right way to supplement calcium for dogs? Here are some notes when supplementing with calcium for dogs:

There is no need to supplement calcium when puppies are nursing or newly weaned.

Different breeds and sizes of dogs require different methods of calcium supplementation. But regardless of breed, there is no need for calcium supplements during the lactation period. Because dog milk is high in calcium, puppies can get enough of a supplement from this milk. And after the dog is weaned, the puppy food already contains an appropriate amount of calcium, so there is no need to supplement.

What is the right way to supplement calcium for dog
What is the right way to supplement calcium for dog – Image From Internet

Calcium supplements for lactating dog

During lactation, the mother dog needs to produce milk to feed the puppies, so it will consume a lot of calcium. When the dog is deficient in calcium, it will have convulsions, etc. The owner must provide calcium supplements on a regular basis.

In addition, you can use some calcium supplements for dogs here: calcium for dogs


The preceding article has assisted people in understanding why calcium supplements for dogs are beneficial. I hope everyone finds the information useful.

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