Top homemade toys for cats

Have you ever thought about making your own cat toys but didn’t know what to do? In the article below, we will list the top homemade toys for pet cats and invite you to refer to them.

Why should you make your own cat toys?

Before finding out the top homemade toys for cats, below, we will help everyone know why you should make your own cat toys.

Cats are born hunters. Their soft and agile bodies, flexible claws, sharp and strong fangs, sharp eyes, and keen ears make them rare hunters in the wild. Our captivity has stripped him of his partying nature, and cat toys are necessary to unleash their nature and instincts.

Studies have shown that most cats spend at least 8 hours a day honing their hunting skills. As parents of cats, we need to provide them with space and equipment to interact. Equipment is a toy.

Top homemade toys for cats
Top homemade toys for cats

According to research results published by a British research organization to the world through foreign media on July 19, 2020, cats destroy 340 million pounds (2.98 billion yuan) of goods each year, second only to dogs in terms of goods destroyed by animals.

Second, cat toys are essential to distract cats; don’t let our furniture and household items become the target of their pursuit.

Top homemade toys for cats

Here are the top homemade toys for cats:

Scratching table for cats

The cat scratcher is the most cost-effective sharpening toy and ranks among the simplest home-made toys for cats. It is used to calm cats, sharpen their claws, and improve the condition of cats who scratch sofas and bed sheets.

Top homemade toys for cats
Top homemade toys for cats

There are three most popular types: one is a cheap corrugated board with no appearance; the second is a corrugated cat litter with a beautiful appearance and a high use value; cats especially like to sleep on it; and the third is very economical. cat litter is inexpensive;

Three is a cat house and cat cart, both of which are so lovely that no cat can resist the temptation of this cat scratch toy, and this RV is a great prop for your photography.

Line-climbing cat frame

The function of the cat climbing frame is to let the cat scratch and climb, preventing the cat’s claws from scratching the floor. The climbing frame for cats is a type of cat toy with a healing function, allowing cats to have their own space where they can play to their hearts’ content.

Top homemade toys for cats
Top homemade toys for cats

The verticality of the hemp rope can make the cat sharpen its claws and help the cat relieve the pressure and unhappiness inside. Since the cat climbing frame was born, it has been loved and planted by the majority of cat friends.

Cat hammock line

Every cat that lives indoors has a dream of being outdoors! If you can’t go out, you can just look out the window and imagine! Every person who is interested in life wants to sit on the bay window, look out the window at the beautiful scenery, sip red wine in a glass, and enjoy the bright future.When you buy this hammock for your cat, your dreams can be pinned to it.

Top homemade toys for cats
Top homemade toys for cats

Sisal ball.

The spherical body can encourage cats to chase.The sisal material is harmless and non-toxic, and it is also resistant to scratches and bites. A ball can cause cats to run around the room chasing it, so have more than one because it’s easier to get lost. Do not choose fruit that is too big or too heavy.

Top homemade toys for cats
Top homemade toys for cats

What should I pay attention to when choosing toys for cats?

After helping everyone know the top homemade toys for cats, below we will help you understand some notes when choosing toys for them.
Cats prefer new toys and dislike old ones — scum?

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Don’t misunderstand the cat; your cat is not a scumbag.

Cats don’t like old toys for the following reasons:

(1) Cats are curious, which is why there is a saying that “curiosity kills the cat.”

(2) If you get tired of playing with a toy every day, you will also get tired of playing with it, because the playing habit of this toy is obvious, and you will get tired of playing with it!

(3) The toy already has its own smell, and the thing that smells like it doesn’t matter much. If you wash the toy at this time, maybe it will make it fall in love again.

In this case, you can clean and put away the toys it doesn’t like, take them out after a month or two, and it will play again as if they were new.

With the exception of claw toys, they must be able to move.

No cat is willing to play wild with a dull toy; it has to be a smarter toy to arouse the cat’s interest in playing.

The toy itself is to stimulate the cat’s hunting instinct, and the flexible toy makes the cat more happy to play, so the toy with medium and high mobility is very suitable. The cat likes to chase some animals. small moves at high speed.

The moving toy must not harm the cat. There is a sturdy ball linked by a steel wire. The cat loves to play with this ball at first, but when the ball is played and hit by the cat, it will not play much later.

Allow your cat to play with smelly toys for a short period of time.

The design principle of scented toys is to use cat mint, which can stimulate the cat’s nerves, and let the cat inhale it into the body, leading to short-term euphoria, which is the same as human abuse. drugs, which have certain side effects. effects on the nervous system of cats. Although this effect is relatively weak, if used for a long time, it will have a negative effect on the cat’s body and will also be very dangerous.


The above article has helped everyone understand the top homemade toys for cats. I hope you get useful information and proceed to make the right toy for your cat.

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