The dog picks up the basket to get food every day instead of the owner

Recently, a dog in Fengyang city, Anhui province (China) became famous after images of him stealing lanes to help his owner go viral on the internet.


The image of the uncle obediently stealing the lane behind the owner makes everyone on the road feel very excited. These images of “brave dog” were taken by a passerby and spread on the internet.


Shedding tears with the dog pushing the wheelchair to help the disabled owner.
The people on the street shared: “The image of him stealing the lane to go to the market is too familiar to us. Every day we still see him stealing the lane after his owner, sometimes seeing him walking alone is quite obedient, no I feel like loitering or having fun.”

The image of a “courageous dog”.


After the image of the dog was spread on the internet, it quickly received the attention of a large number of people. A netizen of this country commented: “Dogs are a loyal and very intelligent animal, that’s what makes them human’s best friend.”

Written By Pet Cares

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