Signs of a dog calcium deficiency.

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Symptoms of calcium deficiency in dogs

Calcium deficiency in your dog should manifest itself most clearly through the following symptoms:

Puppies have many manifestations of calcium deficiency, such as growing two rows of teeth; some children have bad foot shape, such as spreading inside or spreading outside; some dogs’ toes will spread out like duck membranes; some dogs cannot stand upright; and the color of the nose also fades.

Anorexia, thin body, slow growth. If calcium supplementation is not timely in the early stages, this situation will later become more serious.

Signs of a dog calcium deficiency.
Signs of a dog calcium deficiency. – IMAGE FROM INTERNET

Manifestations of calcium deficiency in adult dogs are swelling and deformity of the hip joint, scoliosis, deformity of the wrist and elbow joints of the forelimbs, limping, unsteadiness, X- or O-shaped legs, and lying on soft ground.

If the above situation occurs, calcium supplementation alone is not enough; vitamin B or chondroitin supplements and joint health should be used to coordinate adjunctive treatment.

Let’s talk about other symptoms.

Some dogs, for example, may exhibit abnormal eating behavior.If the dog is calcium deficient after birth, it will easily convulse, have difficulty breathing, cannot stand, and will most likely have problems with elevated body temperature.

Causes of calcium deficiency in dogs

After helping people know the signs that dogs are deficient in calcium, you should know that below are the causes of calcium deficiency in dogs.

Signs of a dog calcium deficiency.
Signs of a dog calcium deficiency. – IMAGE FROM INTERNET

Food is not nutritious.

In general, as long as the dog food is not poorly fed, the calcium content of the dog’s food is really enough, but if you eat rice and jade noodles, or some dogs have poor absorption functions,  such as enteritis, anorexia may result.

If waiting is not good, it will also lead to the dog suffering from calcium deficiency due to poor absorption; in this case, since the absorption function is poor, it is necessary to improve the food and regulate the stomach, otherwise it will not be absorbed as desired. Eat as much as you want; you can give probiotic yogurt to your baby to adapt slowly!

Signs of a dog calcium deficiency.
Signs of a dog calcium deficiency. – IMAGE FROM INTERNET

Poor metabolism of calcium in the body

Dogs inherently absorb calcium from food, but due to poor metabolism of calcium in the body, calcium is excreted from the body, leading to calcium deficiency. In this case, the dog’s metabolic function is poor, and the dog needs exercise. Furthermore, a little vitamin D can be added at the same time to promote calcium absorption in the dog’s body!

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Calcium is insufficiently present in food.

The dog’s body is fine in all respects, but calcium deficiency is caused by insufficient calcium in the food. This condition is caused by one-time feeding and inadequate nutrition, vitamins, and minerals, such as feeding the dog. long-term single-nutrient food or homemade dog food, etc. At this time, it is necessary to add some liquid calcium or calcium tablets for dogs.
Dogs should not eat too many organs, such as chicken liver and beef liver, every day.

If some owners feed their dogs animal liver or raw meat as their main food for a long time, calcium supplements should also be appropriate because the calcium content in these foods is relatively low, especially As animal liver contains a lot of concentrated vitamin A, too much vitamin A will inhibit calcium absorption, so it is not recommended to give dogs too many organs, such as chicken liver or beef liver, every day if they have been raised for a long time. You must also remember to supplement calcium for dogs regularly.

Signs of a dog calcium deficiency.
Signs of a dog calcium deficiency. – IMAGE FROM INTERNET

Dogs with parasites

Dogs have parasites, nutrients in the body are absorbed by insects, or intestinal parasites that affect the dog digestion and absorption of nutrients. Be sure to pay attention to regular deworming.

How do I properly supplement calcium?

If the dog is in urgent need of calcium, the owner can grind the calcium tablet into a powder and mix it with the dog’s food. But usually there are no specific calcium deficiency symptoms, so owners can feed it a little more high-calcium foods, such as soy products, fish, etc. Then put the dog out in the sun more to promote calcium absorption.

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In general, there are no special situations, and dogs will not be too calcium deficient because most of the calcium needed by the body can be obtained from dog food. However, if you are an old dog, a male dog, or a pregnant or lactating female dog, you need to be properly supplemented with calcium.

Normally, when we feed dogs, we choose nutritionally balanced dog food (morgreen), which can meet the dog’s daily nutritional needs, so that pet owners don’t have to worry much.

Sun exposure is undisputed, although it cannot directly supplement calcium for dogs, but it can promote the absorption of vitamin D by dogs, and vitamin D is the key to promoting absorption. calcium. Therefore, more sun exposure equates to calcium supplementation.

Signs of a dog calcium deficiency.
Signs of a dog calcium deficiency. – IMAGE FROM INTERNET

Second, calcium tablets and calcium powder When choosing, pay attention to whether it contains vitamin D as well as trace elements such as the mineral phosphorus, which can help your dog absorb calcium more easily.

Dad, eat! Calcium deficiency is due to imbalanced nutrition; some dog foods are not nutritious enough, and eating human food for a long time will lead to calcium deficiency, so choosing dog food is very important.

In addition, you can use some calcium supplements for dogs here: calcium for dogs


The above article has helped people to know the signs of calcium deficiency that they should know. I hope you can provide calcium supplements to your dog on a regular basis to help them stay healthy.

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