Should dogs eat yogurt?

Many dog owners wonder if they should dogs eat yogurt. What are the benefits of feeding your dog yogurt? Is the amount of feeding reasonable? Everyone is welcome to discuss.

Origin of yogurt

Yogurt is rumored to have originated in Mesopotamia thousands of years ago. There is evidence that humans domesticated goats and sheep around 5000 BC. The animals’ stomachs were turned into containers for goat’s milk, which forms naturally in warmer climates. This curd is the earliest form of yogurt. With the development of food science, people have finally developed a special process for the production of yogurt.

Should dogs eat yogurt?
Should dogs eat yogurt?

Although yogurt has been around for many years, it only became popular in the last 30 to 40 years. There are many reasons why yogurt is so popular, including the fact that many yogurts now have the option to add fruit and different flavorings. Yogurt is also very convenient as a breakfast that can be eaten directly, and yogurt is also a representative of low-fat foods.

The yogurt itself will have an “aldehyde” taste, which is the result of fermentation. Because it is made from milk, yogurt is also very nutritious. It is high in protein and vitamins, and it is also a good source of calcium.

In addition to these nutritional properties, yogurt is said to have additional health benefits. It can help with digestion and provide a large amount of probiotics for humans and animals, which plays an important role in maintaining human gut health. So, should dogs eat yogurt?


Should dogs eat yogurt?

Many people believe that “dogs can’t drink milk,”  easily leading to lactose intolerance. However, as our understanding of dogs grows, new information is constantly being added, such as the fact that dogs can drink milk and that an appropriate amount of milk can effectively optimize sugar digestion. 

Of course, in terms of specific feeding standards, next time we will explain in detail. Today,  we will discuss another topic, namely, should dogs eat yogurt?

Many people wonder, “Should dogs eat yogurt?” According to our research and conclusion, feeding dogs yogurt is an absolutely good idea.

Streptococcus thermophilus is one of the ingredients needed to make yogurt. It can go to the upper part of the small intestine and help lactose-intolerant cats and dogs digest lactose because it can produce lactase.

Therefore, yogurt can be digested and absorbed by the dog, and at the same time, yogurt can also activate the dog’s gastrointestinal function and nourish a lot of beneficial bacteria (probiotics), so that the dog can digest it well. and beneficial to the health of the dog.

What are the benefits of feeding your dog yogurt?

Following our assistance in answering the question of whether or not to feed yogurt to dogs, we will now discuss the benefits of doing so.

According to research, a moderate amount of high-quality yogurt is good for your dog’s health.

Yogurt is suitable for dogs: pure fermented yogurt, without added colors, preservatives, or sweeteners like xylitol. It would be better if there was skim yogurt.

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What are the benefits of feeding your dog yogurt?
Should dogs eat yogurt?

Yogurt is good for dogs, but don’t overdo it. Because the benefits of yogurt for dogs are not particularly strong and significant, even improper consumption can affect a dog’s health. There are three reasons:

  1. Yogurt needs to be pasteurized, but pasteurized dairy products can put extra pressure on the immune system. When pasteurizing, too low a temperature will not sterilize thoroughly, and too high a temperature will kill many beneficial bacteria. Therefore, the specific temperature used is different for each dairy product!
  2. Dogs can still be lactose-intolerant. The exact reason is that because of pasteurization, the balance between Streptococcus thermophilus survival and pasteurization temperature is less likely to be perfect.
  3. Chronic diseases. If you do not feed your dog fat-free yogurt, the dog will easily become obese due to excess nutrition. Yogurt is often high in sugar, and when sugar builds up, it can lead to a host of chronic diseases in dogs: dental problems, diabetes, obesity, etc.

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Is the amount of yogurt fed to dogs reasonable?

Dogs can eat yogurt, but the frequency and dosage should not be too high; once or twice a week is enough, and the intake should not exceed 10% of the total diet for the day.

It can be said that yogurt solves the problem of milk indigestion thanks to “lactose receptors,”  so dogs can drink yogurt. But before giving yogurt to your dog, it’s best to give it a taste first to see if it’s allergic.

Select yogurt and as much whole milk as you can.Fresh milk is yogurt that is fermented from milk without adding any other substances, so the nutritional content must be purer. If you have time, you can also make your own yogurt for dogs, without sugar as much as possible.

Is the amount of yogurt fed to dogs reasonable?
Should dogs eat yogurt?

Avoid substances that dogs cannot eat. Many yogurts now have some fruit, vegetables, or grains added to improve the taste of the yogurt, but if it is a grape or chocolate-flavored yogurt, it will be very harmful to dogs. So when choosing yogurt, you should avoid some types of yogurt that dogs cannot eat.

Give the dog yogurt; pay attention not to overfeed, and occasionally give the dog yogurt with an appropriate amount to improve the dog’s resistance and enhance nutrition for the body.

In addition, dog food should be the main food for dogs. You can choose a protein- and calcium-rich dog food such as “Lanxia natural dog food,”  which can beautify the coat, remove wrinkles, and be useful. For digestion and balanced nutrition, normal people can also mix carrots, cabbage, and other vegetables; nutrition will be more complete.

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The above article has helped people know whether to feed their dogs yogurt. I hope everyone has the necessary information to take better care of their dog.

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