Pure and Natural Pet Organic Ear Wash 8 oz Review

Product Name Pure and Natural Pet Organic Ear Wash 8 oz
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Package Dimensions 7.87 x 1.77 x 1.69 inches; 5.93 Ounces
Manufacturer NXT Generation Pet
Country of Origin USA

Why should clean dog ear?

Dog ears are often a place to accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria, which, if left unhygienic for a long time, can cause inflammatory diseases. Therefore, we will have to regularly clean the dog’s ears.

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What is Pure and Natural Organic Pet Ear Wash, 8 oz.?

Pure and Natural Organic Pet Ear Wash is a dog and cat ear cleanser developed in the United States. Raw, inflamed, itchy, greasy, and stinky dog ears are cleaned and soothed with Pure & Natural Pet Ear Wash. Ear Wash is made with USDA-certified organic components that help to minimize odor, irritation, and pain while also removing debris and wax buildup. The formula is free of alcohol, chemicals, and dyes, and it does not sting. The ear wash can be used on a daily or as-needed basis.

Pure and Natural Pet Organic Ear Wash 8 oz Review
Pure and Natural Pet Organic Ear Wash 8 oz Review

How to use

Hold the ear flap up to expose and straighten up the ear canal. Squeeze ear wash into your dog’s ear. Use just enough to fill the ear canal. Some of the wash may flow out. DO NOT place the bottle’s tip into your ear. Continue to keep the ear flap up and gently massage the base of the ear for about 30 seconds. This permits the ear wash to break up the debris in the ear canal. Wipe debris away from the inside section of the ear flap and the upper ear canal using a cotton ball or gauze. Allow your dog to shake his head. This permits the leftover earwash and debris from the ear canal to exit.Do not apply with a cotton-tipped applicator. This can cause damage to the ear canal and/or eardrum. Repeat the cleaning technique as often as your physician recommends.

Notice: Please keep in mind that this is strictly for external usage. Avoid making eye contact.


The ear canals of dogs are formed like a “L.” This is one of the reasons why they are susceptible to ear infections. The shape, by definition, prevents dirt, debris, and occasionally germs and yeast from reaching the eardrum. This also means that irritants can become trapped inside your dog’s ears if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. We recommend washing your dog’s ears with our ear wash once a week or after each swimming session.

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