Knowledge about dry cat food you should know.

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Why choose commercial cat food instead of making your own?

Nutritional balance

Domestic cats may have eaten leftovers at home in the past, whereas rural cats preyed on rodents or birds. The more harmful the cat’s health, the more salt in the food will cause its brain tissue to deteriorate.The cat is swollen and watery. because MSG is toxic to cats. After eating for a long time, the cat will have diarrhea, anger, vomiting, rough hair,… Severe cases also lead to liver failure, kidney failure, and other problems.

For the long-term health of cats, the emergence of cat food has solved most of the problems. Cat-specific diets, with a reasonable nutritional ratio, can meet the cats’ needs. about essential nutrients such as protein, fat, and taurine.

Knowledge about dry cat food you should know
Knowledge about dry cat food you should know


Cat food, as opposed to homemade cat food, is a ready-made product that can be fed directly to cats, saving time in the preparation of cat food.This is also good news for those of you who do not know how to make cat food. For those who are new to cats, making their own cat food is more demanding. Certain scientific knowledge of cat breeding

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Professional matters should be left to the professionals. Choosing high-quality cat food not only saves you time but also helps your cat eat more nutritiously and stay healthy. Of course, if you have a lot of experience raising cats, homemade cat food is also a good choice.

Cats that eat high-quality cat food often live longer than cats that don’t eat cat food.

With high-quality cat food equivalent to a nutritious human meal and a more comprehensive and balanced nutritional combination, cats eat well, are healthy, have fewer diseases in old age, and are likely to live a long life.

Knowledge about dry cat food you should know
Knowledge about dry cat food you should know

What is dry cat food?

Knowledge about dry cat food you should know is the primary food for cats helps everyone understand what dry food for cats is and its properties.

Knowledge about dry cat food you should know is the primary food for cats, so cat food is still preferable to freeze-dried; however, cats should consume some freeze-dried on a daily basis.Dried fruit is a snack that still has some nutrition.

Principles of production of freeze-dried cat food and conventional cat food.

According to all about dry cat food, the popular granular cat food on the market is primarily made by combining various raw materials and then putting them through an extrusion and puffing machine, whereas freeze-dried cat food is raw food packaged in a portable box, and it is also dry cat food, which is made from fresh whole raw meat that is quickly frozen at minus 36°C, then dried and dehydrated, cut into small pieces, and packed.

Conventional cat food is mainly puffed food, which undergoes extrusion and puffing technology at high temperatures, making nutrients easy to lose and denatured due to the high temperature, so the nutrient loss rate is high. Conditionally, cats should eat freeze-dried cat food; this food has a better taste and higher nutritional value. Conventional cat food is a food that can meet all cats’ satiety needs during the growth stages, has little nutritional value, and can also be fed alone for a long time.

Knowledge about dry cat food you should know
Knowledge about dry cat food you should know

Benefits of dry cat food.

Dry cat food can benefit your cat in the following ways:

  • The crispy texture of dry cat food helps keep teeth clean and encourages chewing.
  • Dry cat food is convenient to hold and store after opening due to its longer shelf life.
  • The ability to provide a smaller volume is useful for cats who like to eat grass throughout the day.
  • It can be used to encourage activity and exercise by strategically scattering bits around the house or using it as a snack.
  • Dry cat food does not spoil as quickly as wet food and can be purchased in smaller quantities.
  • Dry cat food comes in a wide variety of textures, shapes, and sizes. You can try a variety and find exactly the right one for your cat.

Notes when choosing dry cat food.

Main nutritional ingredients

Depending on the nutritional ingredients in cat food, only a properly nutritious meal can help your cat absorb the right balance of nutrients. High-quality cat food should contain lots of high-quality animal protein and fats.

Knowledge about dry cat food you should know
Knowledge about dry cat food you should know

List of ingredients

When shopping for cat food, read the key nutritional facts, then look at the cat food ingredient list. When considering the raw material composition of cat food, the higher the raw material content, the higher the ranking. The reason for the price difference between wet and dry cat food can also be determined from this list of raw materials.

Mixed-feed seasoning is what we usually call a flavor enhancer. Some of them are synthetic toxic chemicals, such as pyrophosphate. These flavor enhancers should be avoided as much as possible. Try to choose natural flavor enhancers like animal fats and fermented protein pulp, which can not only improve the taste of cat food but are also healthy and harmless.

Raw meat content.

As carnivores, cats need five to six times more protein each day than humans. High-meat cat food is a cat’s favorite, and enough meat is the start of a healthy life. Choose a cat food with meat ingredients listed first on the ingredients list; the higher the meat content of the food, the better.

It should be noted that some businesses use different types of meat meal instead of whole meat, which is often found in dry cat food. Replacing whole meat with a mixture of meat meal and offal seems to increase the meat content, but the quality of the meat meal is unknown. Try to choose wet cat food so that fresh meat can be seen and the quality of the food can be better judged.


The above article has helped everyone understand all about dry cat food. I hope everyone gets useful information about dry food, thereby choosing the right type of dry food.

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