Why is the dog anorexic? How to treat anorexia dogs effectively.

If you are raising a dog and have a headache because your dog is anorexic, then let’s find out with the article titled “What is the cause of anorexia dogs?” “How to treat anorexia dogs is effective immediately.” Invite everyone to consult with you to learn more about taking care of your pet.

Why is the dog anorexic? How effective is the treatment of anorexia in dogs right away? First, let’s find out why your dog is anorexic.Đầu tiên, chúng ta hãy tìm hiểu lý do tại sao chú chó của bạn biếng ăn.

Why is the dog anorexic? Causes of anorexia dogs

Why is the dog anorexic? How to treat anorexia dogs effectively.
Why is the dog anorexic? How to treat anorexia dogs effectively.

There are many reasons that lead to anorexia in dogs. Some of the typical causes that should be mentioned are:

As a result of disease


  • Pain (which may inhibit appetite and appetite centers) makes you hungry;
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances (such as bloating);
  • Endocrine (endocrine disorders);
  • tumor (in many canine tumors, anorexia is the only clinical symptom).

Caused by physiological factors


  • Unpalatable food; 
  • excessive exercise and extreme fatigue;
  • Dogs are full;
  • hot or thirsty;
  • Late pregnancy.

From the above, you can also know why dogs are anorexic. From there, find the most effective way to treat anorexia in dogs right away.

Infectious Diseases Infectious

diseases must be considered first, especially for puppies that have not been vaccinated in time or are not fully vaccinated, with special attention to infectious diseases such as canine poop, parvovirus, and coronavirus, which cause gastrointestinal upset.

To rule out these diseases, you can see if your dog has other problems such as vomiting, high fever, or diarrhea.

If you don’t like to eat for a few days, you can ignore these diseases. If you have these symptoms, whether you are immune or not, you need to be on the lookout for infectious diseases (you’re not immune, so be extra careful, and if you’re immune, it’s easier to treat).

Visceral diseases

This section mainly covers a wide range of visceral diseases such as pancreatitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, and kidney injury. This type of disease is very troublesome; sometimes there are no other symptoms, and it is difficult to rule out from the perspective of vision and development time.

If it is a normal diet and feeding condition, you can make the main guesses from medical history (previous diseases), age, breed, eating habits, and physical examination results. often.

Simply put, small dogs are less likely to develop these diseases, while middle-aged and older dogs are more susceptible to them. In particular, pancreatitis and gallbladder-related diseases mostly occur in older dogs.

Examinations of hospitals in this area include biochemical tests, and there are more than ten items in total. It includes abdominal ultrasound, X-ray film, a blood test, and other tests. The price is relatively expensive, about 400 yuan. Parents should check separately.

How to observe the symptoms of your dog’s anorexia

To know why the dog is anorexic The way to effectively treat anorexia dogs right away is to know the exact expression of your dog’s anorexia. You should consider this if your dog has the following symptoms:

Is the dog’s morale bad? The dog seems listless, likes to lie down, and doesn’t like to move; this seems to be a common manifestation of all discomfort.

Why is the dog anorexic? How to treat anorexia dogs effectively.
Why is the dog anorexic? How to treat anorexia dogs effectively.

Does the dog have a runny nose? Notice whether the nasal discharge, if present, is watery, pus-filled, or colored.

Do dogs sneeze and cough? Typically, a cough is the sound that comes from a dog’s throat (“kck, clack,  a symptom of which is associated with dysentery in dogs, parainfluenza in dogs, and bronchitis.

Does the dog have conjunctival congestion or lacrimation? Dogs with canine sores or colds often have this symptom.

Does the dog’s body temperature rise? A dog’s normal body temperature is 38.5-39.2°C; the puppy’s temperature will be relatively higher; it’s best if the dog refuses to eat and has a fever.to the hospital for treatment.

Does the dog have diarrhea? In general, if the dog eats uncomfortably or eats the wrong object, it will also cause him to lose his appetite. Normally, if you have diarrhea, you only need to give probiotics to regulate the stomach and intestines; if you eat the wrong foreign object, you need to go to the hospital to get a film to confirm.

Do dogs have skin diseases? Usually, dogs with severe skin diseases will also experience a loss of appetite, which should be treated promptly.

How to treat anorexia dogs effectively.

Why is the dog anorexic? How to treat anorexia dogs with immediate effect is often of interest to many people. After helping everyone know the signs that make dogs anorexic, here are some ways to deal with their anorexia.

Why is the dog anorexic? How to treat anorexia dogs effectively.
Why is the dog anorexic? How to treat anorexia dogs effectively.

Health examination

If, in addition to anorexia, the dog also has symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting, this indicates that the dog has a gastrointestinal problem or other diseases that can cause a marked loss of appetite. by a professional veterinarian. Get your dog healthy again. If the pet owner ignores the dog and allows the dog to continue not eating, the dog can become thinner and thinner, which poses a major health threat.

Reasonable, rich

If the owner only feeds the dog one type of dog food for a long time, the dog will naturally lose his appetite, so in the daily diet, the owner can also feed the dog a separate dog food. The rich diet structure and the preparation of more meat that dogs prefer to eat not only meet the nutritional needs of the dog but also stimulate its appetite.

Why is the dog anorexic? How to treat anorexia dogs effectively.
Why is the dog anorexic? How to treat anorexia dogs effectively.

Please refer to the top nutritional products for anorexic dogs.


feeding Pet owners giving dogs too much and irregular food will lead to poor stomach digestibility and cause diseases such as flatulence and body discomfort in dogs, which will affect their appetite to eat. Therefore, pet owners should give their dogs foods that are easy to digest and avoid giving them foods that are too hard or large. Appropriately add Wangxiang Xiaoshi Tablets to the food, and at the same time give it yogurt and fruit to increase its appetite, helping the dog increase its appetite and restore its normal appetite.

You can refer to more knowledge about pet dog care here: Dogs care


From the above, I hope you knowWhy are dogs anorexic? How to treat anorexia dogs effectively in 2023. From there, help your dog improve his health so he can live longer with you.

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