How to make a pet house with cartons step-by-step

Many people wonder: “Is it simple to make a pet house with cartons?” Then, in the article below, we will help everyone know why you should make a pet house and how to make a pet house with the most detailed instructions. Everyone is invited to join.

Why make a pet house?

Keeping pets and making cardboard houses for them is really not fun for yourself, but it is good to have more beautiful houses for pets. It can not only make their home look better but also make our pets feel better.

Make a pet house with cartons.
Make a pet house with cartons.

Many people find ways to make a pet house with cartons instead of buying them because they want to give their pets a warm, comfortable sleeping place that they create with their own hands. That’s why many handmade pet houses were born, which their owners took to showing off on many forums, inspiring many other pet owners to design according to the pattern.

How to make a pet house with carton step-by-step

Make a pet house with cartons.
Make a pet house with cartons.

Here is how to make a pet house out of a carton in 7 easy steps for everyone to refer to:

  • Collect some covers. You will need a lot of cardboard, so with the help of your parents, find as many cardboard boxes as you can. The bigger the boxes, the better. The more cardboard you can collect, the more you can make a house. bigger.
  • To frame the walls of your house, find your largest cardboard box, open it, and cut the corners of the box, including the bottom, to use as the corners of the house.
  • Then use cardboard as a cylinder to reinforce the four corners and secure them with duct tape; this will strengthen the structure and keep the house from collapsing.
  • Still using the cardboard tubes as beams, cut notches at the ends of the tubes so they can rest on the corner tubes without falling out.
  • Next to the roof, take two flat pieces of cardboard, the length of which is the length of the roof pipe. Glue two pieces of cardboard together along one edge; this forms the triangular roof of the house.
  • Measure the two ends of the roof and fill in the triangular holes so that the roof of the house is completely covered.
  • Then you can decide which of the four sides of the house will have a door, which will have a window, and which will be sealed.

How to clean a pet’s house with a carton

A house that has been occupied by a pet for a long time will produce bacteria and dirt; therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and disinfect it with a disinfectant designed specifically for pets.

Make a pet house with cartons.
Make a pet house with cartons.

For families with pets, choosing an antiseptic with safe and reliable ingredients that pets can lick is a top priority.

Because it is a carton, avoiding mold is a top priority. Therefore, you should take note of this.

How to Care for Pets

After helping people learn how to make a pet house with cartons and how to keep their house clean, here’s how to keep pets clean.

Make a pet house with cartons.
Make a pet house with cartons.

Pets’ hair must be cleaned daily.

It is normal for pets to shed, so a vacuum cleaner is required; some excavators will have the robot sweep around the house several times a day to clean the hair there.

Weekly comprehensive cleaning and disinfection

Usually there is no time for careful cleaning, and some places may not be cleaned well, so it must be cleaned once a week. Clean the hair on the sofa, then use a towel to clean the floor. The water is filled with disinfectant and is essentially clean.

Keep the house ventilated every day.

Pet owners cannot smell the smell in their own home, but if they have friends as guests, they can easily smell it because they are used to such an environment. in a long time. My usual ventilation work is not in place. It is best to place the pet’s toilet on the balcony or near the window so that the smell can evaporate and, at the same time, ensure that the house is well ventilated and the air is fresh.

Make a pet house with cartons.
Make a pet house with cartons.

Carpets and shoe soles also need to be disinfected regularly.

In addition to ensuring basic hygiene in the home, pet owners will also encounter bacteria, parasites, and other things that are not good for pets when they go out every day. Doors also need to be disinfected regularly to avoid bacterial infections that are harmful to the health of pets.


The above article has helped everyone knowHow to make a pet house with cartons in the most detail. I hope you gain useful knowledge after reading it.

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