How to keep pets to avoid affecting children

Pets find many hidden health hazards if you keep them arbitrarily and do not maintain hygiene keep them clean. In the article below, we will help people understand some How to keep pets to avoid affecting children.

How to keep pets to avoid affecting children in the house?

How to keep pets to avoid affecting children
How to keep pets to avoid affecting children

Here are some how to keep pets to avoid affecting children:

  1. Before raising a pet, the pet must be taken to the hospital for a health check and for vaccinations related to health.
  2. Do not let the baby directly feed the pet with his hands, teach the child to put the food in the pet food container and let the pet eat by himself.
  3. After using the pet tableware, it should be washed immediately and disinfected with boiling water to prevent children from touching it.
  4. Do not let the pet lick the baby to avoid the pet transmitting the virus to the baby.
  5. Pet droppings should be cleared up quickly.
How to keep pets to avoid affecting children
How to keep pets to avoid affecting children

Do’s and Don’ts of Pets to Avoid Affecting Children

Although pets will have an adverse effect on children, every family Suspension has a child and children also need a partner, how do babies and pets live together peacefully? Therefore, in terms of nurturing children’s love and innocence, pets are also a rare good friend of children. If family members really don’t want to let go, the following methods can be taken for them to co-exist “peacefully” and in “safe” harmony: Keep your baby away from pets as much as

Keep your baby away from pets as much as possible.

Adults should not always let children sit in walkers and do their own things, few people know that children’s hands can grab a pet’s ears or tail at any time. anyway, very dangerous. How can children and pets live together in peace?” . 

How to keep pets to avoid affecting children
How to keep pets to avoid affecting children

Always pay attention to the cleanliness of pets

Including grooming the pet’s body, trimming toenails, vaccinations and even The small nest where the pet sleeps must also be cleaned regularly to avoid infection with bacteria or parasites that are harmful to the baby.

Not feed the baby in front of the pet

Especially the diet has a strong flavor. With a keen sense of smell, if parents only feed their children and let the pet drool aside, there is no guarantee that the pet will not snatch the food and put the child at risk of attack

Pet droppings need to be cleaned up in time.

Pet feces should be cleaned up in a timely manner, avoiding scattering on the ground, which is unhygienic and makes it easy for children to slip and fall.

Do not let the pet perform interesting game actions in front of the baby; avoid letting the overly excited pet collide with the baby in the walker, causing an accident.

What should I do when raising a cat in the house with young children?

Many people wonder if a family with young children can keep a cat; this depends on the individual circumstances of each family. If the child is allergic to cat fur, it is not possible to keep a cat for the child’s health. But if you don’t have this concern, you can still keep a cat, but you need to pay attention to the following points; otherwise, it will still affect the health of the child.

Cats should be dewormed and vaccinated before bringing them home.

Before families with children plan to adopt a cat, they must first prepare, deworm their cats in vivo and in vitro, and vaccinate their cats. them vaccines such as toxoplasma gondii, rabies, feline scabies, herpes virus and others. Cats are small animals that like to be clean, but they still rely on vaccines to fight bacteria and viruses naturally. After vaccination, they are brought home, even if cats come into contact with children, they will not infect them. young.

How to keep pets to avoid affecting children
How to keep pets to avoid affecting children

Prepare a scratching table for the cat; trim the cat’s nails regularly.

Although most pet cats are docile, children do not know how heavy they are, even if they like small animals, they can pull them and make the cat impatient or in pain. painful, at this time can scratch the small owner and easily scratch the child. Prepare a scratching table for cats at home, so that cats can scratch and play when they are bored, and cut their nails regularly, which can prevent children from scratching.

Clean the cat litter box daily, change the cat litter regularly, and clean the cat litter box.

It is said that keeping a pet will affect the health of children, mostly due to cleanliness, as long as the house is always clean, well ventilated, and cleaned regularly, especially the litter box for cats, which is cleaned every day. Days later, the feces and urine of cats and dogs are excreted. cleaned to remove odors. In particular, the animal’s feces have the most bacteria. Daily cleaning, litter change, and cleaning of litter trays can be reduced, which can reduce the growth of bacteria.

How to keep pets to avoid affecting children
How to keep pets to avoid affecting children

When bathing cats, they should clean their ears to prevent ear lice from multiplying.

Cat ears are where dirt can hide, many cats are very susceptible to ear lice and can be infected when they come into contact with other cats. Cat hygiene is not only bathing, but also remembering to clean its ears, if there is inflammation or ear lice, you should use drops for timely treatment. Cat’s mouth also needs to be cleaned, as they can also lick the skin of small children, or pillows, sofa cushions at home.

What to do how to keep a dog in the house with young children?

Here are some how to keep pets to avoid affecting young children, especially dog ​​owners:

  1. Rabies vaccination is very necessary, dogs need to be checked and vaccinated periodically.
  2. Do not touch certain parts of the dog’s body, such as the jaw and chest. Teach your baby to pet a dog properly.
  3. Try to avoid eye contact with the dog Many dogs perceive this as provocative and threatening.
  4. Do not leave dogs and children alone at home.
  5. Teach your child to take care of the dog and cultivate the child’s sense of responsibility.
  6. Wash your hands after every contact with the dog.
  7. If accidentally scratched, wash with soapy water and wipe with iodine alcohol. If bleeding occurs, wash with soapy water 15 minutes before going to the hospital for rabies vaccination.
  8. Deworm your dog regularly, both inside and outside the dog.

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The above article has helped people understand some how to keeping pets to avoid affecting children. Hope everyone can prepare carefully to be able to raise pets in the best way.

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