Experience treating anorexic dogs

For me, this is very simple, at home, there is no dog that is so lazy to eat that I have to worry. But this is a common problem for many dog friends.

To solve the problem of anorexia or even skipping meals regularly, you first need to understand the basic nutritional needs as follows:

– Dogs under 2 years old: need a Sufficient and continuous amount of food. This is the period of comprehensive development of both the skeleton and the organs in the body, so priority should be given to enough nutrients (proteins, vitamins, micro-minerals, beneficial bacteria, amino acids …)

– Dogs over 2 years old: is an adult dog, at this time the need for quality decreases and the quantity depends on the need for exercise. Of course, if a dog eats enough nutrients, the body will still maintain stability, maximum beauty development.

Breeding dogs: need a separate diet, in addition to enough nutrients, some substances need to be added according to the needs at each stage of reproduction.

So, based on that, you calculate the appropriate portion. I have shared the servings of each diet in the Experience section.

Experience treating anorexic dogs
Experience treating anorexic dogs

Treat anorexic dogs by letting them feel hungry

– Feed at a fixed time, 1 meal a day only.

After 15 minutes, remove the food bowl, regardless of whether the dog has eaten all the portion or not.

– Dogs that are lazy to eat often will not eat all for 15 minutes or even eat at all. On the third day, the dog is hungry and will have to eat on its own.

Note: do not let the dog snack on anything, only eat the right meal with the right portion you give.

Treating anorexic dogs with food stimulants

– The method of feeding is still the same as above, ie 1 meal 1 meal 1 time frame only. Do not eat until the next day when you are hungry, you have to eat by yourself.

– Combination of digestive enzyme preparations and food stimulants, given 30 minutes before meals. This digestive enzyme product I bought at amazon, shopee…

Why is the dog anorexic? How to treat anorexia dogs effectively.
Why is the dog anorexic? How to treat anorexia dogs effectively.

You need to know

Dogs are anorexic due to many reasons, but mainly because your living habits and feeding habits are not correct, too indulgent, causing the dog to lose discipline in eating.

For dogs under 2 years old: eat up to 2 meals a day. After 7 months, it is possible to feed only 1 meal a day.

only feed at a fixed time frame. Keep the bowl fixed to the place where the dog lies and give it 15 minutes to eat. After that, whether the dog eats it all or not, it will leave the bowl out until the next meal time.

Dogs can go without food for a long time, so you don’t have to worry too much if it constantly refuses to eat when it’s time to feed. When really hungry, the dog will have to eat. This is the method to make the dog self-understanding and self-disciplined: if you don’t eat, you will be hungry.

Experience treating anorexic dogs
Experience treating anorexic dogs

If you follow this eating discipline from the first day you bring your dog home, it will rarely skip meals (at least eat a little bit because it’s afraid of hunger). At the same time, this also helps you easily recognize signs of health problems if your dog stops eating.

One final note: don’t feed your dog what he likes; only give him what he knows he needs. For example, many of you see that dogs like to eat sweets and cakes, so they keep giving them snacks, which is both easy for dogs to anorexia and not good for dogs (dogs should not eat any human spices).

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