The most effective way to treat bad breath in dogs.

Your dog has bad breath for many reasons. In the article below, we will reveal the most effective causes and treatments for bad breath in dogs. We invite you to consult.

Why do dogs have bad breath?

The causes and treat bad breath in dogs are always of great interest to many people. Here are some reasons why dogs have bad breath:
In fact, one of the main factors leading to bad breath is due to improper and timely oral hygiene on weekdays, tartar, and tartar that has a yellow or even blue color. accumulates on the teeth, there will be a stench, which seriously causes gingivitis, periodontitis, etc.

the most effective way to treat bad breath in dogs
the most effective way to treat bad breath in dogs – Image from internet
  1. Because dogs are omnivores, focusing mainly on meat, after eating food left between the teeth, the mouth will emit a bad smell.
  2. If bad breath is unbearable, the dog may have diseases such as stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis, or gastrointestinal disease. This must go to the hospital for treatment.
  3. Studies have found that halitosis in dogs can cause problems in other organs of the body and stimulate the growth of tumors. Bad breath can cause tissue death in the pulp, causing the roots to loosen and fall out.
  4. In addition to teeth problems, old dogs often suffer from oral tumors, dead dog’s oral tissues, diseases of the throat, nasal cavity, oral cavity, esophagus, etc., as well as liver and pancreas disorders, all of which can cause bad breath.
  5. If your dog has bad breath but no yellow teeth, fever, lethargy, severe vomiting, and only unformed stools or too much or too little stickiness, a gastrointestinal flora imbalance may be the cause.
  6. Sometimes bad breath in dogs is not only caused by dental problems but can also be caused by indigestion or other diseases.

If you notice your dog is exhibiting unusual symptoms such as weight loss, drinking and urinating a lot, vomiting, stomach swelling, loss of appetite, and other abnormalities, it could be a problem. liver, kidney, or diabetes problems, you should proceed immediately. As soon as possible, go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

the most effective way to treat bad breath in dogs - Image from internet
the most effective way to treat bad breath in dogs – Image from internet

How to treat bad breath in dogs

The following content on the causes and treatment of bad breath in dogs will help you understand how to treat bad breath in dogs.

Method of cleaning with gauze

If the Labrador does not like brushing, the method that can be applied is to wrap gauze around your finger and wrap the gauze thicker to prevent your finger from being hurt by the dog. Then, using a small amount of water, brush the dog’s teeth to thoroughly remove the residue left on the dog’s teeth.

Method of applying toothpaste

The method of tooth application can also use sterile gauze, soft towels, etc. to clean the dog’s teeth, then use a cotton ball soaked in garlic water to wipe the dog’s teeth and gums.

Clean your teeth regularly.

For regular teeth cleaning, you must use a toothbrush and toothpaste specifically designed for dogs to clean the gums, but do not brush back and forth between the teeth because the gums of dogs are very prone to bleeding. According to the instructions on the pet toothpaste label, brush with an appropriate amount of toothpaste and brush the surface of each dog’s teeth.

You can refer to some specialized dog toothbrushes at amazon:

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the most effective way to treat bad breath in dogs
the most effective way to treat bad breath in dogs – Image from internet

Add probiotics

It is possible to feed dogs some types of probiotics. Many types of beneficial bacteria not only work to regulate the intestinal microflora and improve the dog’s bad breath, but also help the dog regulate the stomach and enhance its immunity.

Food Law

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins and are high in fiber, and you can also add special snack glue such as coarse and crunchy dog biscuits so that your dog can grind the surface of his teeth when chewing to help soften the food. clean mouth.

Note when treating bad breath in dogs

In the article on the causes and treatment of bad breath in dogs, there are some notes for treating bad breath in dogs as follows:
Choose high-quality dry and canned dog food.

Daily eating habits have a great influence on whether your dog has bad breath or not. Dry food is better for teeth than wet food; wet food is easy to form dirt on the dog’s teeth, and if not cleaned in time, the dog will have bad breath for a long time and can also accumulate dirt on the teeth.

At the same time, try to choose some high-quality natural food; such dog food often has better ingredients and nourishes and protects teeth better than poor-quality dog food.

Brush your teeth more.

If you want your dog to have less bad breath, you must make it a habit to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. After your dog eats meat, brush his teeth.

The dog may not be cooperative at first, but over time it will form a habit and become more cooperative.

the most effective way to treat bad breath in dogs - Image from internet
the most effective way to treat bad breath in dogs – Image from internet

Fixed meal times for dogs

If you want your dog to have a good stomach and teeth, you must fix the feeding time, for example, 2 times a day or 3 times a day. It is best to fix the feeding time so that bacteria can be present in the dog’s mouth. more positive Only time is limited.

However, there are many shovelers who have the habit of putting the dog’s daily amount of food into the food bowl, so the dog will eat the dog’s food at any time, the bacteria in the mouth will always be active, and the breath will have a natural smell. more serious.

Regularly check and clean.

Regular dental check-ups and cleanings should be carried out for dogs; usually, cleaning and protecting teeth should be done once or twice a year to deep clean the dirt in the dog’s teeth.

Usually, you can give your dog a special breath freshener that will also help reduce dog odors and bad breath.

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The above article has helped people know the causes and treatments of bad breath in dogs. I hope you get the right information to help your dog smell better.

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