Diet and food for pregnant cats you need to know.

If your cat is pregnant, you also need to learn the diet and food to give them during that period so that they can have a healthy birth. In the article on diet and food for pregnant cats, we will tell you what you need to know.

What do cats eat during pregnancy?

Do you wonder what cats eat during pregnancy?

When the cat is pregnant, the baby in the belly needs nutrition, and the female cat’s metabolism also increases, so the nutrition needs to be much higher than usual, but the pregnant cat should not be too obese. Otherwise, you will easily become obese. easily lead to difficult births.

Diet and food for pregnant cats you need to know.
Diet and food for pregnant cats you need to know.

As your cat becomes pregnant, you can gradually replace regular cat food with kitten food or pregnant cat food, as these foods have a higher nutritional value and are balanced. more, can meet the nutritional needs of cats during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, cats should focus on increasing protein and decreasing carbohydrate and fat intake. For example, you can feed your cat some eggs, boiled meat, dairy products, etc., and manure excavators can use these foods as supplements, mixed with cat food in a ratio of 1:9 for cats to eat. can ensure nutritional balance, while adding enough protein can also enhance the flavor of the dish.

Pet milk powder prepared for kittens can also be eaten by pregnant cats, who are fed a little each day. The amount of food a cat needs to consume will gradually increase as the pregnancy develops. After nearly 42 days, the amount of cat food should be twice as much as before pregnancy, but because at this time the fetus presses on the organs, the amount of food for the cat will be significantly reduced, so the person shoveling the feces needs to share. small food. Divide into several parts to increase the number of feeding times, ensuring nutrition for cats.

Notes on diet for pregnant cats.

Diet and food for pregnant cats you need to know.
Diet and food for pregnant cats you need to know.

According to the diet and food for pregnant cats you should be aware of, you should keep the following in mind:

  1. Do not feed your cat too cold or too hot food while pregnant.
  2. It is necessary to increase the amount of food according to the time of pregnancy of the cat, divide it into several feedings, or give it directly to the cat to eat freely.
  3. Meat food for cats after pregnancy should be cooked in clear water and must be fully cooked because cats at this time are not suitable for deworming and eating raw meat makes it easy to get infected with internal parasites.
  4. Do not feed the cat with prickly fish, chicken, or duck bones, which can easily scratch the intestines, causing internal bleeding that can lead to serious consequences such as miscarriage.
  5. Cats should not be fed too much fat, which can cause the fetus to be too large or the fat of the female cat to be too thick, and the thick muscles are easy to cause difficulty in giving birth.

Is there anything else I need to do to prepare?

  1. If your pet give birth at home, prepare a cardboard box for the delivery room and try to get the cat used to being in the box a week before birth. Or you can also refer to some samples of cages for cats at birth at amazon.
  2. Prepare a transport box so that if the cat has difficulty giving birth, you can take them to the hospital immediately.
  3. Buy special formula for kittens in case the mother cat does not have enough milk when suckling or the mother abandons each kitten; otherwise, the mother can also be fed.

Choose the right cat food for pregnancy.

Pregnant cats need more nutrition; their intake will increase, and at the same time, they need to eat food that is easy to digest, so we should choose cat food suitable for pregnancy and supplement cat meals one at a time. reasonable way to supplement nutrition.

Diet and food for pregnant cats you need to know.
Diet and food for pregnant cats you need to know.

Here are the diet and food for pregnant cats you need to know:


It is light, easy to digest and absorb, high in protein, rich in vitamins C and E, minerals, amino acids, iron, etc. It will have a very obvious effect on improving the body’s immunity and correcting sarcopenia.

Snow fish:

The meat is tender and easy to absorb because it is high in fibrin, and it is also high in DHA and EPA, which can boost immunity. The high fish oil content has a beneficial effect on your cat’s skin and coat.

Goat milk powder:

Noble milk has the same protein structure as breast milk, containing a lot of whey protein, nucleic acids, unsaturated fatty acids, and rich in minerals, trace elements, microorganisms, taurine, docosahexaenoic acid, etc., they are easy to absorb and digest, enhance immunity, and fight colds and other diseases.

During pregnancy, cats and kittens eat nutrition not only to maintain their health but also to meet the development of the fetus, so we must ensure that they can get enough nutrition.

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Diet and food for pregnant cats you need to know.
Diet and food for pregnant cats you need to know (1)

Notes on the living regimen for pregnant cats

  1. Pregnant cats need proper exercise and regular sun exposure, but strenuous exercise should not be encouraged. Cats are very clean, especially during pregnancy. Owners should regularly brush their pregnant cats, massage their bodies, and bathe them within 30 days of pregnancy. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the normal position of holding the cat, avoiding pressing on the fetal position in the cat’s belly.
  2. Because the sleep of pregnant cats will increase significantly, owners should provide a quiet environment to ensure their sleep quality. Give your cat a quiet, soft, and comfortable birthing room and litter box. It is best to let the cat get used to the birth environment 10 days before birth; this is beneficial for the cat’s future birth and lactation.
  3. Try to avoid letting the cat jump from high places or jump over obstacles to avoid danger.


The preceding article has assisted everyone in understanding the diet and food for pregnant cats that they require. I hope you can apply this regimen to better take care of your cat during pregnancy.

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