A dog with a behavior that has moved people’s hearts

In the article “Missed by my father, the dog is still happy” uploaded on VnExperess Electronic Newspaper on September 24, 2018, author Thang Le recounted a haunting story related to giving up the habit. used to eat his father’s dog meat: Once, the family had a job, everyone considered the meat of the pet dog. The father “volunteered” to do this.

He lured the dog near, the donkey put it in a sack and beat its head to death. Surprisingly, when opening the bag, the animal rushed out with its head covered in blood. The father chased after him with a stick, determined to kill the dog with a stick for meat. When he chased the dog into the densely blocked garden, the dog suddenly turned and bared its teeth and growled menacingly. The father was startled – he did not expect his dog to be so aggressive. He ran away.

The dog did the same thing and disappeared into the bushes. After that, because of work, the father left the house for a few days, when he returned home, he was stunned to see the happy dog running to meet him like so many times before, its head was covered with dried blood. At first, he was startled and thought it was going to bite him, then calmed down, he hugged the dog and cried. Since then, he has given up the habit of eating dog meat. From the father’s story, the son also follows the family tradition of not eating dog meat and always considers them (whoever they are) as friends.

After VnExperess Newspaper published the above touching article, many readers commented and shared why they gave up the habit of eating dog meat. The story that you have nick ABC tells only a few short lines but extremely haunting: “My father used to do dog meat before. Once, when he was slaughtering a domestic dog, he was cutting his blood when he lost his mouth tie. My father thought it was going to bite me. But not! It just lay there waiting to die with a stream of tears and blood flowing.

Since then he gave up dog meat and so did my family.” The story is left unfinished (it is not clear whether the dog lives or dies after that), but everyone can see the deep message that the writer wants to send, that the dog has completely given up its ability to defend itself. It seems that it does not want to live anymore, especially when it is aware that it is the owner to whom it is wholeheartedly loyal who has treated it badly, betrayed it.

On the emotional side, friend Tien Tung also contributed a story that at first sounds similar to the one I just led, but it is different (and very pitiful) in that, when you tie up and hang the dog upside down to cut the details, it has a symbol. present very … contradiction, “still wagging his tail but two rows of tears in his eyes”. Tung said, witnessing the above scene, since then you have “never killed a dog and ate dog meat”.

Nhan read the article “Mourning the image of a puppy about to be slaughtered begging for human attention” uploaded on channel 14.vn on June 22, 2015, in which there is a photo of a dog chained by his neck. In order to prepare for slaughter (at the biggest dog meat festival taking place in Yulin, China) trying to cling to a male tourist’s feet hoping for attention and rescue, a reader with the nick name Kikiko said: “Once upon a time , when there was a famine in our country, there was nothing to eat on the forestry farm. There was a friend of my father who brought dog meat to treat us all. The old, thin dog was chained to a pole. The other guy ran over and pulled his neck with tears in his eyes. Its front legs clung to it, bowing as if begging. Anyone standing close is also afraid. Since then, my father has never looked at dog meat. My father was 20 that year, now he’s almost 60. My father said, even if I starve to death, I will not eat dog meat.”

Reading the article “Explaining the poet’s case advising Hanoi people to give up dog meat” uploaded on Dat Viet electronic newspaper on September 15, 2018, Nguyen Van Pha told a story that you directly witnessed: “That family having an anniversary decided to eat the ivory white dog being raised. The dog seemed to sense that he was about to be slaughtered, so he was very sad.

When the master took the noose and approached the place where it lay, it crawled to hug the owner’s feet, in tears. But the master did not seem to sense her mood, so he still put the noose around her neck and pulled her to cut the blood. When he was tied to his four legs and hung on a pole to cut his lessons, I saw him burst into tears and stare at his master. After witnessing this dog meat incident, I never dared to eat dog meat again.”

Sharing with Nguyen Van Pha, Dang Thong also “contributed” a story: “My family has a dog. Unfortunately, he got sick and stopped eating. Fearing that it might die, it would be a waste, so I called my grandchildren to have them operated on. When tied up, it did not resist, but only shed tears as resentment. So from then on, I was afraid to cut my own dog and also afraid to eat dog meat.”

Not directly in the situation of “using violence” with the above “dramatic” circumstances, through the comments, many readers have shared one more reason why they give up eating dog meat. It was because of the pleading look, begging to protect the life of the poor dogs that they accidentally encountered here and there on the line of life.


Hung Nguyen revealed: “It’s been 4 years since I gave up dog meat completely, because after coming home from work, running behind old Hondas, but behind locked up a few dogs for consumption, I see fear in their pleading eyes. My heart felt like it was about to tighten. Well, if I can’t save them, I won’t harm them and their kind.”

Unlike Hung Nguyen, Luong Khanh told the story in the joy of a person who directly saved a dog’s life when he was at the “door of death”.

However, the ending of the story is so unexpected, it is worth pondering about a seemingly real spiritual world: “Once I went to an acquaintance’s house and saw him preparing to be slaughtered. a dog. The dog was tied up, lying flat on the ground. I looked intently at the dog. Suddenly he looked at me and burst into tears. I felt extremely sorry and decided to buy this dog back at a high price. Then I took the dog home and took the leash off. At first I thought it would go away right away.

But strangely, when I let go, it knelt down on its front legs, like it was bowing to me. I have a hunch that a dog can carry the soul of a person, but due to fate, that soul must take the form of a dog!” From this perspective, Khanh implored: “Please stop eating the most loyal animal in the true sense of the word!”.

Nguyen Van Thu again revealed that he gave up the habit of eating dog meat (outside the shop) because of the way he showed the attitude (you can call it a reaction) of his own domestic dog: “In the past, I also eat dog meat. Whenever it’s cold, I crave it, because its spice is strong and strange.

But strangely, every time I eat home, the golden dog at home looks at me barking like a stranger (normally, I often play with it happily), no matter how clean my teeth are. I don’t know what it sees or what it smells like, I don’t know. Since then, I have not eaten dog meat anymore…”.

In addition to the stories mentioned above – expressed in the form of comments printed at the bottom of an article – not long ago, I also read a story shared by an elderly man on the Internet. Although he has a dog at home, he still loves to eat dog meat. Eating “evil” is different.

Once, the dog because of his new age, itchy teeth, itchy gums, gnawed at his shoe. Enraged, he beat him with sticks, lame one leg. That afternoon, when he returned home, he just rang the bell when he saw from inside, a “bunch of rags” just like that… dragged him out to the gate to greet him, tail wagging. He choked with emotion.

As it turned out, in this crowded house, the animal that was beaten by him was still the first to greet him. Too emotional, he almost knocked over the car, had to struggle forever to put up a stand. Since then, on every step of his life, the image of a very loyal dog always haunted his mind, making him give up the habit of eating dog meat.

That’s good, sympathy, sharing in particular; love, humanity in general often comes from specific situations; from real life experiences.

Written By Pet Cares

Lee Ana has worked in all aspects of the veterinary field, and therefore has a deep understanding of animals. She graduated from veterinary school and has since worked in multiple countries, fostered many animals, and volunteered her time to help pets and vets alike